Work Statement

Andrew R Trimby Ceramics SealHere is a brief work statement.

I have always enjoyed hand building since school days, particularly the coiling method which has been used to shape clay into vessels for many thousands of years. I flatten the coils so that relatively light forms can be constructed, and I enjoy the technical challenges a piece can present, utilising the opposing plastic and leather hard qualities of the clay during its construction etc. I also enjoy the challenge of throwing on the potter’s wheel, and like to use thrown and pierced elements within my hand built work too.

The main body of my work is currently inspired by the colourful cockerel protecting the hens throughout the night and crowing to mark the start of a new day. This work consists of sculptural cockerel forms and cockerel inspired vessels and related pots.
I like the effect colouring oxides make on top of an off white flowing glaze, creating an interesting feather like pattern during the dynamics of the glaze melt.
I’m also interested in exploring this glaze further, finding different ways to exploit the way the oxides move in the base glaze in relation to the form it covers.

All my work is currently high fired earthenware in the oxidising atmosphere of an electric kiln.