BA (Hons) Degree Show

Andrew R Trimby ART Ceramics Seal/LogoBelow are some images of my BA(Hons) 3D Design (Ceramics) degree show.

The show was exhibited at Cardiff College of Art, Howard Gardens, Cardiff, and also at the Diorama Gallery, Regents Park, London during the summer of 1988.

The degree show pieces were all partly inspired by radiolarian siliceous skeletons, insects, crustaceans, and the fantastic organic Gaudi architecture of Barcelona. I saw Gaudi’s architecture for the first time during a trip arranged by the Art Collage to Spain, we also visited some fantastic museums and art galleries in Toledo and Madrid.

The pieces were hand-built with standard buff firing, finely grogged stoneware clay using a flattened coiling technique. As some of the pots were very large and to avoid collapse during the construction, a hair dryer came in very handy. This also meant that work could be completed in a much quicker time.

At the time I was interested in making pots that didn’t have the usual base to stand on, and all the considerations that this would bring. Some had claw like ‘feet’ and some of the other pieces were 2-3 feet in height, had just one ‘toe’ and needed to be suspended using picture frame wire over their plinths. They were a lot of fun to hand-build…

Luckily the art school had a large electric kiln and ‘Jock’ a very careful technician. Following the hand building process, the pieces were allowed to thoroughly dry out and then first bisque fired to low earthenware temperatures. Metal oxides rubbed into surface texture, and various coloured semi-matt glazes were spayed on top. The pieces were then fired again to earthenware temperatures.

I did make a sale at the London leg of the degree show, and a Cardiff computer games shop wanted me to make some ‘creatures’ to adorn their shop…

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